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How To Take The Big Leap In The New Era, VM Tip 2: Reimagine Your Era

Updated: May 25, 2020

By Manoj Kumar

1. FIRST, DISCOVER YOUR CURRENT ERA. Every successful company needs its own ERA. This is defined as EXCEPTIONALNESS (what you do really well), RARITY (what is it that is differentiated, distinctive or rare. which others don't have) and AUTHENTICITY (why should consumers believe you). Think of this as the DNA of your company or brand. Often, companies have not articulated it clearly. Take the time to do this now!

2. REIMAGINE YOUR ERA. Your ERA may have worked previously, but times have changed now. Your Muse is changing (see Tip#1). This is the time to reimagine your ERA. Focus first on EXCEPTIONALNESS - what you now need to do differently from the past, but still do it exceptionally well. Continue to leverage your Rarity and Authenticity if they are already strong. If not, seek out ways to strengthen them.

3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT EXCEPTIONALNESS DRIVERS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CONSUMER. Exceptionalness drivers can be Cognitive, Experiential or Symbolic. These drivers connect with consumer segments differently. The best way to connect with Connoisseurs is through aesthetic cognitive drivers aimed at self. Novices on the other hand, connect best with hedonistic experiences aimed at their projected self. Amateurs are somewhere in the middle, and value more the sensory experiences.

4. DEFINE YOUR NEW VALUE PROPOSITION: Use your re-imagined ERA to define your new value proposition. This is something which should delight your Muse. Your Value Proposition will then guide execution at all touch points.

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