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Fashion Businesses During and Post Covid: Design, Communication, Retail and Planning

Successful business models in the New Era will necessitate responsible and accountable value chains that “Collaborate”, “Co-create”, “Co-Evolve” and are "Conscious".

This was the headline message from a very engaging live session on the future of Fashion Industry that was moderated by Anchal Jain, Faculty Co-Chair at Creative and Cultural Businesses Programme, IIM Ahmedabad. He's also the Founding Partner at Val-More Action Advisory.

The panelists included Aashti Bhartia (Director, Ogaan), Bandana Tewari (Lifestyle journalist & Sustainability activist), Philippe Nobile (Partner, BCG Paris) and Rina Singh (Founder & Designer, Eka).

The 90-minute session covered emerging opportunities with changing consumer behavior related to Wellbeing, Sustainability, Home and Digital. Discussions centred around the brand and communication pivots necessary, immediate revenue concerns, evolving go-to-market models, digital interfaces in future customer interactions and supply chain models.

Here is the link to the full video recording of the session (please skip first 90 seconds of the live recording)

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