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Birth Of A New Era

By Anchal Jain

If you would like the fully compiled PDF, please write to our founding partner and author of this series at

Val-More Action Advisory has the ability to connect future dots to deliver multi-stage growth. COVID period is not going to end with the lockdowns but may extend to several months, even a couple of years until a new normal is established. We have worked hard to pivot our own service and thinking during this time; created unique abilities to assist businesses navigate the uncertain crisis to not just survive but also emerge a strong winner.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are Val-More’s views only. Anchal is neither an economist nor an astrologer. However, besides having an ability to connect future dots, he is an eternal optimist always looking at the positives in human behavior in any difficult moment to come out stronger. Special mention of Manoj Kumar and Geetanjali Rastogi from the Val-More partner team for their contribution and challenges.

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