As a successful Indian business owner, you have a strong understanding of your current business. There are, however, times when you feel the need to re-imagine the future and set a new course. You know this is not an easy task as there are many variables to consider involving legacy, family, strategy, capabilities, execution and funding.
Val-More was founded to address this complexity and help businesses cement their foundations to future growth. We have the ability to connect all the dots, right from abstract human insights to concrete business actions and deliver
multi-stage growth by working alongside your team.




Val-More Action Advisory is founded by two batchmates from IIM Ahmedabad, class of ‘87. Anchal Jain and Manoj Kumar have joined together to cross-fertilize their practices, after having led very different professional lives, one an entrepreneur in the lifestyle industry and the other being in corporate FMCG businesses.

Manoj Kumar was the Managing Director of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health in India. He has also worked in Procter & Gamble, Gillette and Unilever in India and international markets and has handled multiple FMCG categories. Anchal Jain was the founder and CEO of Primetex Sarl based in Paris and has successfully built lifestyle brands across the globe. He is today a leading expert in helping companies develop their value creation strategy and has advised top business groups in India and Europe.


They also bring together a network of Val-More Partners and Associates who have tremendous domain expertise and experience in running businesses as CXOs.



We are a group of experienced CXOs who have led companies and functions with a proven track record. We understand your problems and have the required skills to tackle them faster and better than others.
We are not armchair consultants, we are action advisors.


Strategy is about making choices, and choosing a differentiated Value Proposition is at the heart of creating a winning strategy. Capabilities and Funding need to be built around Value Proposition to deliver holistic

Golden Thread Execution through all touch points. 


We believe this is the best way for companies to deliver sustainable

business results in today’s highly competitive environment.

“We believe that a strong value proposition is central to any strategy, and when done right it can change the game for the company.” 




At the core our Strategy is the Value Creation Architecture that creates a differentiated Value Proposition to connect uniquely with different customer orbits, each with its own set of value considerations. The sequence of activating Value Proposition to these customer segments is critical in order to maximize enterprise value over time.

“When the conviction from the boardroom echoes at every point of the customer journey, you know you will maximize value”




Our proprietary Golden Thread approach keeps the value proposition at the center around which all design and delivery elements of execution are knitted and implemented. We help deliver a holistic experience at

all stages of the customer journey and through all communication carriers including product, service

and points of sale.

“Often, the gap between strategy and execution is the lack of right organizational capabilities. Your strategy will simply not work if you don’t identify and build the capabilities you need”





We build Capabilities around golden thread execution by transferring our knowledge, tool kits and sharing best practices with companies we work with. We benchmark people and processes and when required, use our strong network  to attract the best external talent for the company. We realise that change is a way of life, and effective change management in an organization is needed to bring out the best in the shortest time.

“The challenge for investors today is not lack of capital - it is finding the right businesses to invest in. Businesses which have a clear value creation strategy and strong execution capabilities stand a better chance in attracting external funding”.

We arrange Funding to execute the value creation strategy by attracting investments from private equity companies, internal restructuring and investment prioritisation. We work with your team to make you “investor ready”, and our wide network and credibility helps  attract the best investors for your business




Smart leadership recognises the power of having a business problem.


In fact, if you don’t have a business problem, it may be a problem.






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