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The Home Run

By Anchal Jain

1. HOME FASHION IS THE NEW STYLE STATEMENT. We definitely expect home decor to steal more share of wallet from fashion with consumer behaviour shifting to not only spending more time at home but also sharing the homes, physically or digitally with others. “Home Fashion” in categories like furniture, rugs, wall hangings, art, furnishings, cushions, throws, vases, plants etc. will be new mecca for luxury and lifestyle brands.

2. HOME STYLISTS AND CURATORS WILL BE MORE SOUGHT AFTER than classic interior designers or even fashion designers.

3. THE CORNER OFFICE will be for more people working even partially from home. A new space will become essential for home dwellers, something that real estate planners will want to take note of. Faster and more complete digital integration will become as necessary as plumbing or electrical fittings.

4. BEDROOM TO LOSE ITS CROWN TO WELLBEING SPACES. More thoughtful space design will be essential for new home sales with “living wellbeing spaces” taking centre stage. Entertainment, family, friends and self will demand more space at the expense of bedroom size.

5. WE EXPECT DEMAND FOR THOUGHTFUL, AFFORDABLE EVEN SMALLER HOUSING TO RISE IN INDIA with attention to stronger interplay of live, love, work and play. With a stronger individual, stronger families and stronger communities, housing planners and builders will need to rethink their cookie cutter approach to real estate development. For example: More single bedroom apartments, re-design of apartments, clubs, green spaces and cafes becoming an essential part of housing complexes, individual air conditioners replacing central air conditioning. Expect more savings, investments in homes from younger couples.

6. WHERE’S THE PARTY TONIGHT!? - IN THE SOCIAL KITCHEN! Yes, we definitely expect more house parties (not just digital!) with more people sharing their culinary experiments and skills with friends and family. Cookware, Kitchenware and even more importantly, tableware along with HOSTING AND SERVING skills will make a stronger appearance on Instagram!

7. AND FINALLY, EVERYONE’S A MIXOLOGIST! Cocktail creativity will also chase the creativity in cooking and serving and together they will open up a new, huge market!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are Val-More’s views only. Anchal is neither an economist nor an astrologer. However, besides having an ability to connect future dots, he is an eternal optimist always looking at the positives in human behavior in any difficult moment to come out stronger. Special mention of Manoj Kumar and Geetanjali Rastogi from the Val-More partner team for their contribution and challenges.

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